Cleveland County Schools is not what it was 30 years ago. For that matter, no schools are what they were then. Now, the learning process for our students more of an individualized success model tailored to fit the needs of each learner. That said, our learning model is an educational, guided experience filled with happiness, breath-taking experiences, and relentless drive - ending with success.

Listed below are some important resources to help students along the way.

Know about or hear about bullying?  
Click here to Help Stop Bullying Now.

Homework Hotline: (704) 476-8315
Need a little help, no problem.  The CCS homework hotline offers assistance weekday evenings to students in all grade levels in all subject areas.  Parents, we realize that some things can seem a bit different or you just need a little assistance with helping our learners at home.  We're here to help.