Favorite Teachers Recognized by County’s Top Students


At the 29th Annual Hoyt & Anne Dover Bailey Teaching Excellence Awards, the county’s top seniors recognized their favorite teachers.

The educators and the senior scholars who nominated them are as follows:

  • Lou Wray of Shelby High (Keeley Benfield, Shelby High)

  • Jamie Jones of Crest High (Trey Burton, Crest High)

  • Caitlin Cole of Kings Mountain High (Aleenih Cartee-Kee, Kings Mountain High)

  • Megan Gorski of Union Elementary (Kaitlyn Enderby, Burns High)

  • Daniel Thomas of Crest High (Delaney England, Crest High)

  • Casey Quinn of Crest High (Corey Hagler, Crest High)

  • Dr. Conrad Martin of Cleveland Early College High (Abigail Hamrick, Cleveland Early College High)

  • David Bryson of Shelby High (Jennifer Kale, Shelby High)

  • Jenny Robinson of Kings Mountain High (Eric Leinweber, Kings Mountain High)

  • Steven Pruitt of Burns High (Anna Mittelman, Burns High)

  • Tom Centofanti of Burns High (J.D. Patten, Burns High)

  • Tamara Messer of Kings Mountain High (Amya White, Kings Mountain High)

  • Charles Ruff of Shelby High (Isaac Williams, Shelby High)

The Cleveland County Schools Educational Foundation and the Dover Foundation continue to sponsor the event in memory of Hoyt and Anne Dover Bailey. The Late Hoyt Bailey, a former member of the Cleveland County Board of Education and a longtime member of the Foundation Board of Directors, sponsored the event for many years in memory of his beloved wife, Anne Dover Bailey.

Greg Shull