CCS Again Re-ups Accreditation


Cleveland County Schools has again been deemed a Southern Association of College and Schools (SACS) accredited organization by AdvancED, a non-profit organization comprised of a community of education professionals, who conducts thorough on-site reviews.

The AdvancED team converged on Cleveland County Schools and worked directly with samplings of all stakeholders during a three-day intensive.  After completing multiple on-site reviews in the schools and several hours of group and individual interviews, the team announced the re-accreditation announcement at a specially called school board meeting.  Click here to watch the AdvancED team's review, findings, and recommendations.

"This comes as no surprise as our people work diligently to provide premier experiences for students every day," said Dr. Stephen Fisher, superintendent of schools.  "We look forward to working alongside the AdvancED team as continuous improvement is always on our minds and we wholeheartedly intend to provide nothing less than the best educational experiences."

The purpose of being an accredited organization revolves around the idea of continual improvement in all areas.  Additionally, like many colleges and universities, graduates with an education from an organization with an "accredited" status provides an additional seal of approval, certifying and validating the completion of a worthwhile educational journey.

As outlined in the AdvancED policies, Cleveland County Schools was required to provide reports and demographic updates within a prescribed time frame.  However, our system of community schools must continue to remain compliant with AdvancED policies, standards, and assurances as well as applicable government requirements.  The schools must also continue to uphold their commitment to all students by ensuring non-discriminatory admissions to our schools and maintain record retention systems for all operating, financial, personnel, and student records.

The steps for the entire process of re-accreditation began with notifying AdvancED of our intent to pursue certification, meet the appropriate set of standards and assurances, host an optional pre-visit if desired, and host a certification review within a time frame established by the AdvancED Accreditation Office at least once every five years thereafter.

"This process further validates the extraordinary educational journey our students experience during their time with Cleveland County Schools," said Dr. Greg Shull, director of communications for Cleveland County Schools.  "We work every day to provide a guided journey filled with happiness, breath-taking experiences, and relentless drive - ending with success."

"My daughter comes home from school talking about how much fun she had with her teachers and friends," added Shull. "I cannot imagine her anywhere else as she is truly a part of a school family with an extensive network of professional support. As a proud employee of the Best Place to Work in Cleveland County (for the second consecutive year), and as a proud father of a student-CCSer who is being readied for greatness by the best-of-the-best in our county."

Greg Shull