The Best Year Ever


The school year has officially commenced, and every Team CCS student and staffer are already hard at work.  The first day of school was reported to be the “best day ever” according to the many social media posts and mentions.  If you have never visited our Facebook page, click here to give it a glance.  We had quite a few students, parents, and teachers send us their pictures from the first week of school, so we shared them with everyone to see and enjoy. 

“This has truly been the best start to a school year ever and the first day of school was, in fact, the best day ever,” said Dr. Stephen Fisher, superintendent of Cleveland County Schools.

As the school year progresses, we will continue sharing the sights and sounds of Cleveland County Schools. This past week, the CCS Facebook reach extended to over 14,000 people, and our engagement soured to nearly 20,000 interactions.  The CCS website logged nearly 29,000 page views during the past week, and our brand-new website had around 7,500 visits in the last two weeks with over 11,600 page views. Although these numbers are quite high, they do not include the traffic count and interactions from our individual school social media accounts or websites.

We all get excited about the first day and week of school,” added Fisher.  “I am most excited that the best is yet to come as we work to provide exceptional learning opportunities every day to ensure this is the best school year ever!”

If you have pictures of your students enjoying school that you would like to share, please send them to Greg Shull at  We would be happy to include them along the way in our publications.